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Rugged Individual
Durability Mow
Toughest Competitor
Westchester Tractor
More for your money
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  More for your money

Cultivate and mow
Seed beds and snow blowing
Power Versus Drudgery
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  5-HP GRAVELY Makes Tough Jobs EASY!

Gravely does jobs other tractors won't...because Gravely has that extra power for tough mowing, gardening, field and farm jobs.

And you get more when you get Gravely: All-gear drive, power reverse, simple, easy operation, power attachments securely mounted, quickly interchanged by only four bolts!


Your choice of 21 tools...used with one versatile tractor that saves you time, work, worry, all year long.

"Power vs. Drudgery" booklet shows how Gravely solves your upkeep and gardening problems. Write for it today!