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Power caster
Tool bar
Rear blade
Disc harrow
Mold board plow
Dump hopper


Part number 16921 Printed in the United States of America, August, 1976

Brinly attachments make Gravely Riding Tractors more versatile, in the garden or on the farm.

Plow with the 10-Inch Mold-board Plow, then prepare for planting with the Lift Type Disc Harrow. In one operation, plant and fertilize beans, peas, cotton, corn, okra and many other seeds with the Planter-Fertilizer Unit. Then cultivate your vegetables or field crops with the Brinly Cultivator. Requires liftable rear hitch. Hydraulic lift recommended.

The Brinly Tool Bar, when equipped with the appropriate accessories, extends the use of your Gravely Riding Tractor to many operations back-filling, grading, discing and covering.

Scarify and level your property with the 42-Inch steel Rear Blade. Spread grass seed or fertilizer with the Power-Caster.

All attachments fit any Gravely 800 Series Riding Tractor. Requires liftable rear hitch. Hydraulic lift recommended.