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Before you buy any tractor, take a good, under-the-hood look at the Gravely. See why Gravely owners, for over 40 years, have had a fierce love for this sturdy master of lawn and garden care.

Spark this high-torque Gravely engine to life, with any of the 39 attachments, and you're on your way to mow, plow, move snow, haul, or do any lawn or garden chore in an easy hurry. And you change power attachments quickly with only four bolts.

Gravely is famous for safety, maneuverability, versatility, and long life. Ride or walk with instant control no clutching, four forward speeds, four reverse. See your local Gravely Dealer. Or, enjoy our free catalog. Write Now! Gravely, 5604 Gravely Lane, Dunbar, West Virginia 25064.