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Lever parts
Shifter parts
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Assembly instructions


Remove Locator Body and replace with L-127 Shifter Body, using Spring and Ball from old Locator Body.

Be sure Spring and Ball are in position.  Assemble to Shipper Shaft and Guide.  This sub assembly must then be locked in place with Set Screw.

Insert Dowel Pin in L-127 Shifter Body. Replace Unit in Tractor.  Fasten to Advance Casting on right side (viewed from Tractor Handles), with Bolt and Nut previously removed.

Place L-128 Spacer over Bolt hole, with machined "shoulder" up.  Place Slot in L-129 Shifter Arm over Dowel, and drilled hole over the Spacer, with bend in the Shifter Arm down, and end pointing to the rear of the Tractor.  See Illustration on back.

Fasten with Bolt, Washer and elastic stop Nut provided.  The Bolt screws through the Advance Casting, the Nut is placed on the end of the Bolt inside the Advance Casting, and locked firmly in place.

Fasten Shifter Rod Bracket to Handle Bolt, assemble Shifter Rod through large hole in Shifter Rod Bracket assemble threaded end of Shifter Rod to Shifter Arm and secure with 243-N Nut.

Slip Grip in place. Pulling Rod engages Attachment. Pushing Rod disengages.