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Every Gravely owner has a secret hankering for many Gravely attachments and accessories. Let yourself go-it's Christmas! Ask Santa for the practical gifts that give year-round pleasure'

STARTER If you're still pulling a strap go modern with the Gravely Electric Starter. Touch your toe to power and go! Your Gravely Dealer can install a new electric starter on your Gravely quickly and terms can be arranged, if desired. Approximately $91.00, installation extra.

CUSHION Pamper the seat of power with this Gravely Sulky Cushion. Soft, comfortable, attaches in a jiffy, makes the ride even more enjoyable. Choice of colors. Approximately $7.00.

CONVERTIBLE RIDER Stylish new Gravely Convertible Rider, with safety platform for your feet, a comfortable seat with a mini-backrest, carry-all compartment under the seat. Attaches in a jiffy with one pin, detaches instantly for the tough jobs, steep slopes. Look sharp on your new Gravely Convertible Rider! Approximately $87.00.

STANDARD RIDER Still walking? Try a Gravely Standard Rider, attaches or detaches instantly with one pin. Comfortable steel seat, well-sprung for comfortable riding. Pneumatic tires. Gets the job done faster, easier. Approximately $47.00.

SNOWPLOW Give, yourself some assurance against over-exertion this winter ig 48" Gravely Snowplow clears a sidewalk in one pass, a driveway in two. Quickly changes to roll the snow away to the left, right or straight ahead . . . bulldozes loose dirt, gravel in other seasons. Approximately $63.00.

SNOWBLOWER Blizzard-proved, this big, 26" Gravely open-throated, no-clogging snowblower uses two stages and hurricane force winds to blow the snow clear away. Throw controlled from tractor handles, puts snow one foot or fifty feet away. Get out of snow trouble fast! Approximately $255.00.

40" COMMERCIAL ROTARY MOWER New, heavy-duty two-spindle Gravely mower, gets the job done faster. Does a fine mowing job . . . built rugged for the tough jobs too. Cuts mowing time! Built for the pro-you know it'll do the job for you. Approximately $230.00.