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Model 850
Model 850 tractor
Model 883
Model 883 tractor
Model 884
Mower top
Mower bottom


MODEL 883 The 30" Rotary Mower features welded, fabricated deck; all gear drive; single heavy-duty blade; and close trimming on both sides. Rugged, heavy-duty skids help prevent scalping on rough ground.  The functional shape of the deck allows for maximum mowing width with excellent trimming ability and mows high grass and weeds, meadow grass and undergrowth with ease.  Specially designed, heat-treated, air-lift blade lifts grass for even cutting.  Blade height adjusts easily with ground spacers.  All gear drive in heavy-duty castings.  Quality tapered bearings and precision machined bevel gears used exclusively.  Drive train proven in years of service driving off the PTO of 200 HP tractors.

MODEL 884 The 40" Rotary Mower features all gear drive in cast-iron casting to horizontal idler-tensioned "V" Belts that drive 2 spindles with tapered roller bearings, tow air-lift blades, adjustable cutting heights, front casters for maneuverability, and close trimming.

MODEL 850 The 50" Rotary Mower is similar in design to the Model 885, 60" mower.  It has 3 blades and type B-V Belting.  This mower is not recommended for use with the Model 88E/R tractors.

MODEL 885 The 60" Rotary Mower (pictured on front) is similar in design to the Model 884, 40" mower with three blades instead of two and industrial grade type B-V Belting.