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Yes, every cultivating tool that you need can be used on the GRAVELY Model D. All the tools are used on the same Tool-holder, and are quickly interchanged.

The Tool-holder consists of a flexible steel frame complete with Depth Adjusting Wheels, bolts and braces for attaching to either the front or the rear of the Tractor, and all the steel shanks and holders for attaching the tools.

The Tool-holder is widened or narrowed instantly by loosening a few bolts and pushing the parallel bars in and out like an accordion. The standard holder can be narrowed to eight inches, or widened to 30 inches. Additional parallel bars and tools can be added for additional width if you need it.

The depth wheels are a great convenience. They regulate the depth of cultivation, make it easier to cultivate the same depth, and prevent digging in or jumping out of the tools. The operator only has to guide the GRAVELY Model D!

Here the GRAVELY is shown covering a planting of potatoes. Notice the ease with which the machine is operating. It takes power for this kind of work-and the GRAVELY Model D has power to spare

You will have many of these jobs to do- planting, seeding, covering-and for each job there is a GRAVELY Attachment. The more you use your GRAVELY, the more work you will find for it-the more labor you will save, the more your profit-as well as your plants-will grow!

No Plant Damage You Watch Tools Work!

The ease of adjustment for width and depth, plus the front-hitch, makes the GRAVELY Model D the best power cultivator. You know how much plant damage is done during a season by bruising and damaging the plants by hitting them with the cultivating tools. With the Model D, all this is avoided because you can see exactly where you are cultivating at all times. This, plus the quick, positive control of the machine keeps the plant damage to a minimum, increases your profits by cutting your losses!

Maneuverability Gives More Intensive Planting

You don't need a large space to turn the GRAVELY Model D at the end of the row. Just enough room to pivot- because by bearing down slightly on the handles you lift the cultivators from the soil. With the weight balanced on the single wheel, you literally turn in your tracks! This means that you have more room for crops because you don't have to leave a lot of space at the end of the rows in which to maneuver your equipment. A horse or large tractor needs plenty of room to turn in, or else you damage your crops. The GRAVELY needs only enough space in which to turn in your tracks!