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Sweeps Hoes

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Cultivating Steels

Shown here is one of the most popular set-ups for the Model D, with either wide or the narrow cultivating steels. These steels are available in any size :from 1-1/4 inches up to 3 inches, The narrow steels are preferred by most users, since it leaves the ground in better shape. The wide steels are used in very hard soils.

Cultivating Hoes

This set-up shows the Model D with two sets of GRAVELY Hoes. It is used for two-row work, since it straddles two rows at a time, The Hoes are not intended for deep cultivation. This is a particularly good setup for cultivating narrow row crops such as carrots, beets, lettuce, onions, etc.

Sweeps and Hoes

Here is a 12-inch Improved Sweep in combination with a right and left GRAVELY Hoe. The sweep may be had in any size from 8 to 15 inches, clepending upon the width of the row you want to cultivate. It clears the center of the row of weeds and trash, and the Hoes can be placed so that they travel close to the plants. This eliminates all hand work except between the plants in the row.