Clearing land
      You bring new land into productive pasture or crop land easily, quickly and economically with the new GRAVELY Rotary Saw Attachment!   One man, with this power-driven Saw clears land of brush and filth, cuts sprouts, weeds, saplings or trees, anything up to 18 inches through, in an amazingly short time compared to hand methods.
      Besides clearing new land, you find a ready source of extra profit with the GRAVELY Rotary Saw Attachment.  You can make the harvesting of woodland for lumber, cordwood or firewood, fence posts, pulpwood, mine props and railroad ties profitable with power equipment when it wouldn't be if you had to use slow hand methods.
      Whether you have a farm, estate, home or woodland, you need the Rotary Saw because it will do these clearing and cutting jobs with only the fraction of the effort and expense you would ordinarily use.
      You can pay for the Rotary Saw Attachment in less than one season's work by the savings you make in time, and in the case of paid help, in actual labor cost! You can do ten times more work in the same amount of time with the GRAVELY Rotary Saw!
      Besides the savings in time and labor cost, remember that you can actually make good profits from your woodlot, or from clearing and putting into crops or pasture the land that was uneconomical to clear by hand methods!  Think what this will mean to you!
On The Farm
You supplement your income during the season when you cannot actively farm your land!  During this slack time you can clear new land to put in crops or pasture next year, or you can harvest your woodlot or forest land for fence posts, cordwood or firewood, mine props, railroad ties and pulpwood.
On The Country Place
You use the GRAVELY Rotary Saw to cut your firewood or cordwood.  You cut the brush and saplings on your land to make your home look more beautiful by giving it cleared, neat surroundings.  This will enhance the value of your property, besides the pride you will have in a well-kept home and grounds.
In The Woods
You have a portable, self-propelled, power-driven saw for all of your wood-cutting jobs.  You take the saw to the timber, fell it and then cut it up with the same saw.  It will speed up your work, give you more profits for less time and labor.
At The Park or Recreational Area
This portable, self-propelled saw will saw your firewood quickly and easily.  It will clear your roads and trails, bring new areas into active use.  You will be able to keep brush and saplings down in used areas, keep scenic views clear-and eliminate hand labor and its high costs!
In The City Or Town
The powerful GRAVELY Power Driven Rotary Saw will keep brush and saplings away from your signs, hydrants, reservoirs and other city facilities.  You will be able to use one or two men and clear land for city playgrounds and parks for the use of your people.
At The Cemetery or Memorial Park
You will use a powerful, self-propelled, inexpensive means of bringing new acreages into your Cemetery or Memorial Parks without paying huge costs for hand labor.