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Now solve one of your most vexing snow removal problems!

Deep snow piled in drives, walks, confined places is moved quickly and economically by the new Snowblower Attachment for the Powerful Gravely Tractor! Big equipment can't get at these places, hand shoveling is too expensive and inefficient. But the powerful Gravely Tractor with the new Snowblower will move four-foot-deep snow - wet or dry, hard packed or powdery!

A second or third snowfall while the first is still on the ground is hard to move!

You move the first snow all right with blade-type equipment or hand shoveling, but when the snow is piled
high beside your walks or drives, where can you put the next one? With the Snowblower, you throw the snow as much as thirty feet, to the left or right, at any angle you desire! You keep walks and driveways clear, no matter how many snowfalls you have, because you blow the snow high over the bank from the previous snows!

The Snowblower saves you time and money because it moves snow that previously could only be moved by hand!

A Gravely Tractor and Snowblower attachment will move more snow in an hour than a four man crew in eight hours. Figure the saving for yourself. And getting a snow-shoveling crew together on short notice is difficult. With your Gravely Equipment, one operator for the tractor is all that's needed. You are ready to begin work on a moment's notice. And getting the jump on a heavy snow is important!


ADJUSTABLE SPOUT throws snow left or right at any angle desired. Easy-to-operate lock holds spout in any position.

ALL GEAR DRIVE of steel cut, hardened, bevel gears; with splined axles of steel shafting.

WIDTH OF SWATH is 25 inches.

FAN HOUSING and BLADE of 12 gauge steel reinforced with angle iron. Electrically welded for long life and strength.

BALL BEARINGS at all points of wear.

FAN BLADES of 8/16 inch die cut steel, REEL BLADES of 1/4 by 2 inch steel.

SLIP CLUTCH protects tractor and attachment from damage if obstacles are hit by Reel Blades or Fan.

RUNNERS let you skim snow and ice from gravel or bluestone walks and drives without injuring the surface.

SWIVEL ACTION follows rough sections, contour of drivesand walks, regardless of position of Tractor Wheels.