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Mow lawns
Cut weeds
When you purchase a Gravely Tractor, you get a power unit for a system of 20 tools for year-round work. Your investment pays off all year long. Most Industrial and Municipal users of Gravely Equipment keep their tractors busy eight hours a day, almost every day of the year. There is always a job a Gravely can do!

Every one of these 20 attachments can be interchanged in five minutes, by removing and replacing only four bolts!

Here is how this versatility pays off for you. In the winter, your tractor can be used for snow removal, hauling, power brushing of walks, drives, loading docks. In the spring, flower beds or lawns to make, perhaps even some garden work, light trenching and ditching, landscaping, with the Rotary Plow and Cultivating attachments.

When the weeds start springing up you have a Sickle Mower that will cut head-high, thumb-thick brush and weeds, on slopes as steep as 60% when the Tractor is equipped with dual wheels. When the lawns need mowing, you are ready with the 30 inch Reel Mower or if you have large lawn areas, the Gang Units are attached to the center unit, together with a Riding Sulky to make mowing fast and comfortable. In the fall, final mowing, fall ground preparation, hauling, clearing land or felling trees and cutting away brush with the Power Saw.

Where else can you get so much for so little? Only Gravely Power Equipment does so many jobs so well!