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Field Plowing

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Your plowing can be done easier,. quicker, more economically with a GRAVELY Rotary Plow Attachment for your GRAVELY Tractor. This Rotary Plow is power driven, independently from the wheels of the Tractor, especially designed and manufactured for the GRAVELY Tractor by GRAVELY Engineers and craftsmen. It will pulverize the ground to just the right consistency, neither too fine or too lumpy, making a seedbed that is smooth, level, ready for planting. It will plow from 7 to 10 inches deep and make a furrow from 10 to 12 inches wide, depending on soil conditions. It is easily and quickly adjusted to any desired depth or width, and cuts up weeds, trash and fertilizer, mixing them thoroughly with the soil. A safety slip clutch protects your transmission and drive gear if you hit anything larger than twice the size of your doubled fist. Anything smaller will be thrown out by the special tips on the cutter blades. You have a choice of high speed or low speed, insuring successful plowing in even the roughest of soil. Ask Your Neighbor!

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