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Publication date

I received this e-mail from gr8gravelys who gives some insight into the exact date of publication for this brochure.  While the covers are similar, the content seems to be quite different.  If anyone wants to loan me their copy of an actual 1937 version, I would love to post it as well.

Many thanks to gr8gravelys for this information.

-----Original Message-----
From: gr8gravelys []
Sent: Wednesday, May 30, 2001 9:12 AM
Subject: Re: 1937 Power V Drudgery now on my site [ Yahoo! Clubs: Gravely Club]

Mr. Chalmers,

The Power Vs Drudgery that you posted on your site, is in fact a 1941 version. There are several differences between yours and a 1937. The covers are the same, except for one very distinct marking for the 37. The lettering at the bottom is not orange, it is white. The 1941 had the orange lettering at the bottom. Another difference that I noticed was the length, and content. The 1941 has 16 pages, the 1937 has 12 pages. The content of the pages varies as well. The majority of the text and pictures in the 1937 is not contained in your 1941. I have viewed an actual copy of both years from an extensive private collection of another individual. The 1937 has its origional envelope along with a 37 price list, and a letter from the factory dated 1937. Never the less you have a nice 1941 P Vs D. This response was not meant in a mean way and I do not want you to feel as is it was. I just wanted you to know the facts. Thanks for your time.