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Thanks to Charles McFarland of Coshocton, OH for loaning me this flyer.

Charles McFarland

I operate the trencher with a L - 7.6hp. It can also be attached to the front of a Gravely rider. It digs great. It has a shaft and chain extension that allows you to dig a trench up to 44 inches deep. The major problem I have had is digging in stony dirt. When it hits a stone it will throw the Gravely L in the air. I built a 3 point hitch frame that I can back the Gravely with the trencher on and strap down. Then I can use my MF 35 for pulling and holding down the Gravely with the trencher digging. When I get to an area close to a building, I unstrap the Gravely, drive it off and finish the trenching with the Gravely.