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      With Gravely Equipment, moving the snow is fast and efficient. But if you store your tractor outside, or in an unheated building, the frigid mornings may make a problem.

      The new Gravely Engine Heater can lick that problem in a few minutes. Attached to the Crankcase, the Heater is activated by an ordinary electric iron cord connected to an electrical outlet.

      By the time you've had that second cup of coffee, the engine and crankcase have been thoroughly warmed, the oil, is warm and free-flowing..., and starting is a matter of one pull with the strap!

      The Engine Heater was thoroughly proved in severe winter conditions last year, and its performance was acclaimed by every Gravely user who installed the Heater.

      Inexpensive, easy and simple to install, the Engine Heater is available now on special order from your Gravely Dealer or direct from the factory.