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Remove Snow
Clear Land
Mow Mulch
Mow Lawns
Mow Weeds
Mow Fine Lawns

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The amazing versatility of the Gravely Tractor is illustrated briefly by the pictures on these two pages. You have a choice of power tools that saves you work and worry all year long!

Versatility, with Gravely equipment, is more than just variety. It is a year-round selection of power tools that are designed as an integral part of the Gravely Tractor . . . balanced for easy handling, geared right for maximum efficiency . . . driven by splined steel shafts and gears direct from the Gravely engine.

Variety in itself has no value. Gravely gives you variety plus more power at the job and the most sturdy and rugged design. The proof is in the performance of the powerful Gravely and its power tools. Gravely does more jobs better than any other equipment!

With Gravely, and its new optional electric starter, for the first time you can truly bring push-button power to your jobs.

These next pages show you each Gravely attachment. You will see certain attachments that will solve your particular upkeep and gardening problems. Awaiting you is the solution to your every lawn, garden and field problem! Select the tools you need for POWER instead of drudgery!

"I bought a Gravely last July and I wish to tell you that it is the very finest piece of equipment I have ever had on my place.

I have 2-1/4 acres and find it takes all the work and drudgery out of taking care of my yard and garden.

Before I got my Gravely I owned two other makes of garden tractors and had decided there wasnít any small tractor that I would hare on my place. Then I saw my first Gravely. I arranged for a demonstration and I was very cautious about buying again, but finally I decided that it was what I wanted. And believe me it has come up to all my expectations and I canít praise it too highly."


West Frankford, illinois