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CHALLENGE-To An Ambitious Man Who Wants to Make MORE Money!

In this booklet we present an opportunity with unusual financial and personal satisfactions.

It is a profitable opportunity. But even more, you will engage in a business that makes friends for you . . . a business you will enjoy because the product performs a real and lasting service for your customers.

The Gravely business requires specialization and knowledge. It is a challenging business, with markets ranging from your next-door neighbor to the biggest industrial installation in your area.

The Gravely is distinctive . . . there is no other equipment like it in appearance, in service, in performance. You, as a Gravely Dealer, will enjoy continuous repeat sales to customers-of additional attachments, parts, and service.

You will follow, step-by-step, a selling plan which has been time-proved by a manufacturer with 35 years of experience, and a record of steady growth.

Read the pages that follow . . . they will open wide the door to a stimulating business with unusually satisfying and profitable opportunities!